Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is not just a plant; it's a lifeline. Beyond its ecological benefits, bamboo presents a unique opportunity for small farmers. It grows quickly, requires minimal resources, and has a myriad of applications. From construction to craftsmanship, bamboo offers a sustainable alternative that not only preserves our environment but uplifts those who depend on the land for their survival.

About Us

Our Mission
  1. Revolutionizing Manufacturing Processes: Be the driving force in manufacturing bamboo harvesting, portable chipping, pelleting, coal, bamboo strip, personal care, and other products through the development of affordable, effective, and efficient machines.

  2. Building Connections: Connect all bamboo stakeholders in the same region to facilitate meetings, discussions, trade, and collaborative problem-solving.

  3. National and International Promotion: Promote the products of our members nationally and internationally, showcasing the excellence of the bamboo sector.

  4. Support for New Entrants: Share our cumulative experience and exposure to assist new entrants in setting up modern processing factories and businesses.

  5. Integrated Bamboo Processing Model: Advocate for the promotion and adoption of an integrated bamboo processing business model.

  6. Collaboration with Government and Private Sectors: Collaborate with government and private sector agencies/companies to contribute to bamboo planting and processing initiatives.

Making Bharat Green Economy through the Industrialization of Bamboo Sector & empowering bamboo farmers.

After the reclassification of bamboo as grass by the central government in 2017, bamboo was liberated from red tape. The bamboo sector in India is just four years old, marked by its infancy, baby steps, and challenges. The pioneers of the Bharat Bamboo Association are first-generation BambooPrenuers who took revolutionary steps using bamboo. Facing challenges from finding the right bamboo type to harvesting, manufacturing, marketing, and sales, we were self-motivated individuals striving separately. However, our individual fights and shared learning experiences led us to seek like-minded individuals. Patloba Patil, owner of Bamboomaha news, became the catalyst in our journey, bringing us together to form the Bharat Bamboo Association.

Our Vision

Our commitment to bamboo farmers is at the core of everything we do. We believe that their role is not just vital; it's central to the tapestry of our nation. BAMBOO strives to provide them with the knowledge, resources, and networks to transform their agricultural landscapes. By embracing bamboo as a cash crop, we aim to enhance income, yield, and overall quality of life for these hardworking individuals.

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